Welcome to the Music!

Composing since my teens (on and off) after long hiatus I'm now back ridin' the ol' keyboard saddle! 

The main category within which I create is Ambiant/New-Age, however, I'm always up for somethin' new (even dropped a dance tune on the new EP!).

My newest release, "Still Traveling," is comprised of six relaxing New Age tunes & 1 dance track!

For interest in utilizing any of my music or services as regards scoring/soundtrack work for film and/or television, feel free to reach out directly or contact my PRO which is BMI.


N E W S I N G L E!

FUNKY PHONE ... Has been released!

My NEWEST and probably most ambitious tune yet has been released to the world!  "Funky Phone" is a little bit classical… Quite a bit  "House–Tempo" Along with a bit of funk and I even do some "rapping" after a fact (basically a couple lines of silly voiceover!).

You can listen to/ purchase it on Apple iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play Store, Amazon as well as dozens of other outlets around the world.

Here's a link to purchase on Amazon:

Google Play:

 Apple Music:

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New Single: "Halloween in Space"

Click below for samples, etc.

album release

"Still Traveling" is now available on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora & 100+ streaming sites, planet-wide.  

Click "Still Traveling" below for the "Smart URL" offering SAMPLES + links to online outlets, etc.


Video showcasing clips from Still Traveling ...